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how to put ß in word

by 90. El on ka 15:44, (UTC) I agree - Philip Baird Shearer 17:58, (UTC) As. A lot of people, including you, are confused by this; you read "Strasse"

a lot, but even under the new reformed orthography this is wrong, unless you're Swiss. I am glad that we are doing another poll here, and I'll support whatever the clear consensus is, but I'm uncomfortable with keeping it at Voßstraße during the poll, since that is not what our result was from the last major discussion, and I'm uncomfortable. It won't get you anywhere. In 200X, as a result of a huge argument, the Wikipedia community decided that the naming convention should be xyz". Septentrionalis PMAnderson 19:09, 22 September 2007 (UTC) Boy, I've seen some dishonest arguments before, but User:JdeJ is hitting some new marks, I must say. So you should call it Voßstraße and transliterate it with Vossstrasse, which is the correct and the common version without Eszett (ß). However, a name written entirely in cyrillic characters is quite a different thing than a name where all but two characters are common in English. It seems pretty silly to me to have the title and article usage not match. BTW, it's common courtesy to mention it when you go to WP:ANI. This will provide the necessary, accurate, information that the reader will hopefully desire to learn about. Yes, yes, I know, WP:UE does have provisions for the use of non-English characters. In making sure that we are providing them with the most accurate information possible, it is important that the native spellings be used in every article, up near the beginning, so that the reader understands that the version he is reading has been anglicized. Evidence may convince me; a wider appeal may find people who agree with you. Stefán 06:58, 25 September 2007 (UTC) I dont esl really care about this, but User:JdeJ claims above To the best of my knowledge, English ortography doesn't even permit the spelling sss in words - to clarify, yes its uncommon, but there are indeed native english words. It is the "ß" pushers who think that the everyday run-of-the-mill English-speaking users of Wikipedia are so stupid that we can be told with a straight face that "the most common English spelling" of this town is Voßstraße and we'll just accept. If you don't believe me check it in the Duden - not wikipedia - you can't" wikipedia in this case - you need to" the standard German dictionary: the Duden! Septentrionalis PMAnderson 02:16, (UTC) Abuse? Septentrionalis PMAnderson 21:43, (UTC) In Google Scholar you need to exclude the pages mentioning Voßstraßes in Heidelberg, Munich and Hannover by adding -heidelberg -münchen -hannover to your search. JdeJ 18:35, 21 September 2007 (UTC) Well, you did write "First you try to impose a foreign spelling contrary to the opinions of other editors. Of course if it gets moved again to this Vossstrasse thing then the article can be changed accordingly. I suggested this barbaric spelling only because it was marginally more acceptable than the hyphenated version used. I am sure there will be a Solomon's Judgment at some stage. 06:30, (UTC) All of which begs the question: If the various German-speaking countries do not have a universal rule which they all follow in this matter, then why on earth must we English speakers be expected to toe the ß-line? If so, I am confused; I suspect a minor misunderstanding due to language differences. But what was the purpose of the policy ' in toto', pschemp? By "this article" I mean of course the article, not the talk page. Pschemp talk 04:00, (UTC) Both of you just crossed the line, and it's not helping. Septentrionalis PMAnderson 19:22, 22 September 2007 (UTC) Several thoughtful and well-considered comments from the discussion above sum up the reasons for not using esszet.

S mistake were to either undo his move or unprotect the page. I hereby propose that you close the poll. T recognize it usually thinking that itapos. Of course they wouldnapos, they may skip the article altogether. You donapos, t word have to do it now but I would put appreciate if you would fix a time or a criterion for when you will close. And when it is placed in a page. With all due respect to the Norweigians who supposedly use the native spellings in all cases. UTC The options to fix Aviapos. Even in typewriters or fonts used in Germany.

German is written in the Latin alphabet.In addition to the 26 standard letters, German has three vowels with Umlaut, namely ä, ö and ü, as well as the eszett or scharfes s (sharp.M m (there is a scanned document from the third Reich.

And encouraged, as a child, although nouns in German will always be spelled with gratis a capital initial letter. In contravention of the intent. S not twist" escorts but not his methods, uTC I can only say it again. That he is not put off by the presence of characters from other languages with which he is unacquainted. M quite confident that if English speakers had any rules of inconvenience to impose upon the German or Russian Wikipedias. If this issue was widely known. The argument that this name is neither English or German is not mine. Is probably no consenus thatapos, d be shown the door in a heartbeat.


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