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leather handelbar how to put in the handelbar

layers together around the outside of the leather strips. Repeat process until you run out of thread. The cotton belting tons down the sleekness of the leather a bit

gives it heft that the thin leather wouldnt have on its own. Pull each opposing set until you get enough to have a hand hold. Sew the tab to the bag using two rows of stitching one 1/8 from the unsewn end of the tabe and the other 5/8 from the end. I used length.0. In the meantime, want to learn how I made the leather handles shown above? Double adhesive tape, step 3: Extra : Blunt Needles. Step 7: Position Grip in Bars. Sew this end of the tab 1/8 and a scant 1 from the bottom (marked in yellow arrows below) The row of stitches sewn 1/8 inch from the bottom will be sewing over stitches from step. Once you regain your patience, remove your rod and insert grip through your bars laced end first. If youre using nylon thread, burn the tip a bit then pinch with the needle nose pliers to make a tapered tip. Following steps above, continue threading until you reach the end of the bar. Stretch the "outside" and again make a stitch. Maybe somebody will have a use. But, to get symmetry, start from the right hand needle this time.

And length 1 12, tighten, the strap length can be easily adjusted 43 inches of putas 1 inch wide cotton belting length 2 times final length plus two 14 inch seam allowances two strips of leather 34 inches by 19 inches width 14 thinner than belting. Two arrows in the picture below are pointing to the two rows of stitching just sewn. On the other side of the bar. Next I cut using Stanley knife with new blade a piece of leather 3 mm less than measurements the leather will stretch so I had two pieces of leather of 500x73mm. Do you usually buy your bag handles. Ill show you a more secure but time consuming way. Pair up the strips by sticking two together wrong sides facing with their edges lined up using doublesided tape to hold in place. But the width of the strap and the size of the Drings are related to the width of the cotton belting. Line up the leather pieces on all sides and slide a Dring into each of the two folds on the ends.

Motorcycles and Biker Gear.Did you protect the leather handles with anything before.

I stretched the leather handelbar how to put in the handelbar leather how it should be placed and made a diagonal cut apos. Just take lot of time, in the centre position of the fittings. You mean there are people who arent obsessed with things. Step 4, the pictures will explain, end It At the end. Adjust thread so leather handelbar how to put in the handelbar this first set is in the exact center of the length of thread.

Pull the thread but do not tighten yet, just enough to set in place.Step 5: Bring the two leather strips wrong sides together with their cotton belting sides between them, flattening the loop.Thats a good sign.


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